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Interactions and transactions in public involve business relationships, which depend on goods and services. When rights and responsibilities conflict or breakdown, a business attorney must help stop further damage and aid in recovery of damages.

Well written contracts between properly authorized individuals or companies is usually an excellent way to pursue business and protect yourself. Often, business matters involve several different areas of the law. Mr. Gobel has the broad experience and expertise to give essential advice and exquisite document creation to protect against misfortune. If a problem arises, he can recommend options, which may be mediation, offer to settle, or resolve the claim by law suit. In case with a dispute involving less than $5,000.00, Mr. Gobel can direct how the client may seek expedited relief in Small Claim Court. Most attorneys know how to get a money judgment from the court on paper, but have no skill to collect it. Mr. Gobel has extensive experience collecting commercial and family law judgments.

Informal Settlement & Mediation It was once wisely said that a decent settlement can beat a spectacular day in trial. One has certain control during the process of resolution by negotiation. Judges are never controlled. Gobel Law Office, PLLC has years of experience guiding clients to succesful resolution of business and other disputes using mediation and non-judicial dispute resolution.
Litigation When settlement is not an available option, court action may be the only alternative to preserve rights, seek redress for wrong and otherwise be made whole. Gobel Law Office, PLLC has years of experience bringing and defending law suits in even the most difficult cases.
Collection of Commercial Judgments Trial attorneys may succeed in obtaining from the Court money judgments for their business clients. However, few understand how to execute the various legal tools to collect cash from judgment debtors. Gobel Law Office, PLLC has years of experience employing supplemental proceedings, garnishment, foreclosure and other legal options to collect cash for clients in even the most difficult business law collection cases.
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